4 Tips for Developing a Signature Sandwich

The restaurant industry is tough because of heavy competition and thin margins. As a restauranteur, you need to distinguish yourself from other restaurants who sell similar types of food. Some restaurant owners try to accomplish this by creating complex menus full of extravagant items, but novelty doesn't always translate into higher sales. When going out to eat, customers often want familiar food that is reliably delicious.

You can distinguish yourself from the competition by making old favorites with high-quality ingredients. A signature sandwich is one way to accomplish this. Here are four tips to help you develop a signature sandwich that hungry customers will love:

1. Start with a fresh kaiser roll.

The bread of a sandwich is potentially the most important part. It provides a base for the rest of the sandwich fillings, and it should also be flavorful on its own. Instead of using slices of white or wheat bread, you can impress your customers by using kaiser rolls. Kaiser rolls are dense and substantial, perfect for sinking your teeth into. They can be topped with sesame seeds or poppy seeds for extra visual interest, and they are the perfect size for a sandwich. You can regularly purchase kaiser buns from local sources for fresh, delicious sandwiches.

2. Use flavorful vegetables.

Vegetables can add some textural interest to sandwiches, along with a fresh, clean flavor. Vegetables purchased out of season are sometimes bland and tasteless. Your sandwich will taste much better if you strive to purchase vegetables at their peak of ripeness. Look for alternate varieties of old favorites as well. For example, heirloom tomatoes are often sweeter than the conventional types sold in grocery stores.

3. Purchase high-quality cheese.

The cheapest cheese is often not the best tasting cheese. American cheese has an extra soft texture that doesn't offer the same rich flavor as other cheeses. Elevate your sandwich by purchasing quality cheese. Sharp cheddar is a classic choice that is very flavorful without being overwhelming. If you want to use a milder cheese, you can purchase havarti cheese, which melts well and has a light, slightly nutty flavor.

4. Use thinly sliced meat.

When making a sandwich using deli meat, consider using thinly sliced meat if you aren't already. When the meat is sliced thin, it tends to have a better texture. Forgo cheap cold cuts and purchase turkey, ham, or beef that has been carefully cut by your local butcher instead.

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